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Web design, prototipyng

Web Design - a branch of web development, tasked with designing user interfaces for websites. Speaking about the design of the site, usually mean GUI for convenient user interaction with the data.

Now almost every company strives to create your own website. After all, the lion's share of customers come because of the Internet. What should be the site to become a real potential customer? What should be taken into account so as not to scare off visitors?

Color effect on the psychology and perception - has long been proven. When designing a site, it is better to choose 3-4 basic colors. A visitor comes to your site in the first place to find information. And if the site will be similar to a rainbow, and even supplemented animated pictures, banners, do you think, whether it comes to the attention of the person the information? Unlikely. Initially, you need to solve the problem with the background of the future site and font color. The colors should be contrasting. Read blue letters on a purple background, no one will.

Decide upon the colors, you need to consider to what your target audience will be designed site and what it creates. Agree dating site will differ from a serious company. Properly selected color composition will make the site attractive in appearance and not scare not disorient, but rather to force the visitor to stay and read all the information.

Another important detail - fonts. Better just to determine which fonts are used for decoration. It is not necessary every article and every title allocate different fonts. It's very hard to understand. As a result, the visitor simply tired of such jumps and go to another place where designers have taken care of this "tiny" little things. Therefore Typographic composition in the design of the site - one of the key points.

It is important that a visitor visiting the website, not lost, and easily navigate among multiple pages and links. Complex "abstruse" sites, where it is not clear where to click the mouse to get what you want, do not attract anyone. Why sit and deal with the complexities if the competition is much easier. Came - Press - saw - read. Fairy Tale! But inexperienced designers are increasingly forget about usability. And in vain! Improper positioning of buttons and links lead to loss of customer lightning.

Before embarking on the development of the design, it is best to first make a prototype website to see in advance the structure and content of the obtained result. Would be appropriate and site layout that allows you to visually assess the pros and cons. Thus be able to avoid potential problems, shortcomings and alteration of the finished design. Agree, it is easier to make adjustments in the initial stage. So you will save your money well. Designer designs the logical structure of the site, thinks the most convenient solutions presenting information, a decoration is also engaged to create the necessary atmosphere of the project. As a result of the intersection of two branches of human activity, competent veb-dizayner should be familiar with the latest achievements of web technologies and have the appropriate artistic skills.

Each created a layout within the work on your website is unique. Formulaic solutions are not used, the site design is created from scratch.

Qualitatively created website design will enhance your visibility on the Internet.