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Development and programming sites in MODx

Creation and development of the site - a process requiring patience artist, concentration and a good knowledge of technology. Web programming, fast-paced programming section that focuses on the development of Web applications, including Internet sites. Specialist responsible for the creation of a site should have working knowledge of markup languages xHTML, CSS. To be able to confidently work with the client (JavaScript, JQuery) and a server (PHP, MySQL) programming languages. Abbreviated set of necessary and sufficient technological solutions for the creation of the modern Internet site called LAMP.

It's hard to imagine working website without content management system (CMS). Hundreds of both paid and free content management systems now compete in the market in order to facilitate and simplify the management of the site. As a content management system we use CMS MODx. This is quite flexible and easy to use free content management system. For site administrator enough basic knowledge of working with a computer, it can easily create, edit, delete sections of the site, articles, news.

Thus the management of the site to the control system MODx is reduced to a simple action to add or remove documents, sorting their order, renaming the existing menu items. Built-in editor allows you to control the text mode WYSAWYG. That is on your site will appear all that you create in the internal editor.

We guarantee that you will be comfortable to use the site created by our company under the control of the system CMS MODx Revolution. If you have any questions, we will support you as free as part of the warranty period and paid as a technical support site, if you need!