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Corporate identity

Corporate Identity - a set of graphical forms and principles of construction, united by one idea, the main task - to highlight the company among their own kind, and create a recognizable image in the eyes of consumers.

Corporatestyle is often understood as a set of verbal and visual constant, ensuring the unity of perception of goods, services, information emanating
from the company or brand to the consumer.

It is a complex text and graphic techniques that help to identify the company in the market, motivating purchase to ensure the seriousness of the company.
Logo - the first and one of the key attributes of corporate identity, the main part of the trademark. Surely you've seen and where it is used trademark, logo, or separately. Branded bags, envelopes, large organizations, staff clothing, badges, cards, mugs. All this - the media elements of corporate identity. In any large organization in each office you can see the elements of corporate identity.

In addition, the elements of corporate identity are: corporate colors, forms, folders, envelopes, fonts, posters, price tags, souvenirs, outdoor advertising.
The best time to develop a corporate identity - the early days of the organization. The first customers will remember you for your style. Your corporate identity.
If from the beginning you have taken care of the development, at least the basic elements of corporate identity, the level of your company in the eyes of customers will increase several times. You will see the confidence and trust of customers - is important.

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