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1. How much does a website?

The cost of creation web site is variable. It consists of working time expert or group of experts and other indirect factors. Answers to questions about the cost of the site immediately without input parameters from the customer is not possible. If you ask how much it costs to create a site that we invite you to fill the brief because we need to understand what kind of site you want to do. We need to get you to input parameters.

We need to know whether you need corporate identity development. How much do you need to develop a unique layout design. What type is your site. Will I need to fill your site's content, or you do it yourself. Do you need support we developed the site, or you will be engaged in their own site.

Since these parameters are many and they are individual, the calculation of the cost of the site is carried out on the basis of them. Ie individually.

Shows the approximate cost. Calculating the cost of the site is made individually in a personal conversation with a potential customer. Alternatively, you can manually calculate the approximate cost of creating the site on a calculator

2. How many stands SEO and PPC?

As well as the cost of developing the site, the cost of work on the SEO and PPC, made up of some of the parameters. It is important to know which pages of your site, which queries and what position you want to target. Need to know the age of a domain name and how many pages already in the search engine index. These factors influence the amount of work. Analyzing the frequency of requests for them to compete and history of your site, you can assume the dimensions of the required budgets necessary to optimize the site. For a comprehensive view this site will need to determine how much you need to spend resources on writing unique texts and PPC management in Yandex and Google.Adwords.